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freehold, sectional title and estates

Freehold, Sectional Title and Estates

Freehold, Sectional Title and Estates...What is the difference? If you have decided to start your homeownership journey, you will be exploring different kinds of properties in the locations you would like to live in. In South Africa we have three different kinds of residential property
home owners and home contents insurance

Homeowners Insurance and Home Contents Insurance

What is the difference between Homeowners Insurance and Home Contents Insurance? When purchasing your home, you will come across two different terms. Homeowners insurance and home contents insurance. These are two different types of insurance to cover different things. We will discuss the differences below.
credit scores and home loans

Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

Before we think about your Credit Score... What is Credit? Credit is the ability to borrow money or access goods or services with the understanding that you'll pay later. Lenders, merchants and service providers (known collectively as creditors) grant credit based on their confidence that
Will and testament and family

Your Will and Testament and Your Home

Consider your Will and Testament when Buying a Home During your lifetime you will acquire various possessions such as a car, and a home. You may also have savings in a bank account. These possessions and amounts of money are called your assets.  You will
Chartwell history

Chartwell History in Housing

Chartwell History in Housing- Where it all began... Zambia Chartwell's history in housing began when the founding shareholders of Chartwell Group in 2006 decided to focus their time and resources on enabling home ownership. Prior to Chartwell, Michael Bolton, Greg Connellan and Cheryl Herbert had
Property facts most expensive

Five Fascinating Facts about Property

The real estate world is an exciting one to say the very least. You will be surprised by the amazing properties from around the world. Here are some rather fascinating property facts about the real estate world that will blow your mind! Property Fact One
making home ownership a reality

Owning The Home of Your Dreams

It is Time to Make Owning a Home a Reality! The Homeownership Ladder For many South Africans climbing onto the home ownership ladder and buying your first home seems like an unrealistic dream. And so, we end up resigned to living in rented accommodation and

The 8th Wonder of the World – Interest and Saving

Albert Einstein is reputed to have said: "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it.” Whether he did or didn’t say this, interest has rather an interesting role to play in
costs of buying a home

What are the Ongoing Costs of Home Ownership?

Planning to buy a home requires research, budgeting and planning. One of the things any home buyer should consider is, what are the ongoing or monthly costs associated with purchasing a home? Firstly there will be once off, upfront costs which your estate agent or
know where you money is going if you want to have control over your finances

Ways to save during a pandemic

Tips on how to cut expenses from your budget and help ease financial stress At the moment, whether its Covid-19 itself or the repercussions on the economy, the world of 2020 is stressful. We all know someone, ourselves included, who is struggling at the moment.