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Chartwell Educlips

Chartwell Educlips Be BudgetWise The Debt Trap Credit Scores Property Investment Click the Chartwell Educlips below to learn more. Chartwell Educlips, preparing you for home ownership! Be Budget Wise, and learn about managing money wisely. This short Chartwell Educlip is about budgeting and expenses Learn
Chartwell Home Loan Finance, your opportunity to step into home ownership

What to expect from a Chartwell Credit Analyst

Do you ever drive your car without knowing where you are going? Strange subject matter for discussing home finance, or is it? In this blog we discuss what you can expect from a Chartwell Credit Analyst. Chartwell has been at the center of creating innovate
Purchasing a home using the Chartwell Rent-to-Buy home loan

Rent to Buy and Chartwell Home Loans

Are you looking for Rent to Buy options in Gauteng? Chartwell offers the Chartwell Rent to Buy home loan on our Chartwell Developments. Chartwell has a strong history of disruptive innovation in the home loan space. As such we are proud to offer this home loan product to
Looking to buy your first home?

Applying for a Home Loan and Your Credit Score

The GOOD, the BAD and your Credit Applying for a Home Loan? When applying for a home loan to purchase your dream home, a lender will evaluate your credit score. It is important to ensure that you get the best possible score in order to
Home Maintenance Tips

Tips to Maintaining Your Home: Settling Cracks

Tips to Maintaining Your Home: Settling Cracks – How to Treat them in Your New Home Buying a new home is daunting and you may have many questions. One of the topics that many of our Chartwell Home Loan owners ask us about is maintenance.
Tips to maintaining your home

Maintain and Upgrade Your Home Over Time

Maintain and upgrade your home with this helpful guide (‘prevention’ always better than ‘cure’).  Maintenance is always less expensive than letting things deteriorate to point of having to replace.  Maintenance is ongoing and happens from the day you take occupation of your home. Maintain and
first time home buyers

First Time Home Buyers and What you Need to Know

Statistics from the Lightstone Property Report indicate that there is a high number of first time home buyers that enter the property market every year. Buying a property is a very big decision that has an immediate and long-term effect on your personal financial budget.