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Local Mask Designers

Prevention Measures Never Looked So Good!

The last month has been uncharted territory in our country, and in these often scary and uncertain times, South Africans have been extraordinary. We are so proud of all of us South Africans and the leadership shown by our President and his amazing team in the continuing fight against Covid-19. 

Purchasing a home provides security. In fact, it does more than just provide security. During a pandemic, a home gives you a sense of protection. When you walk through the doors into your home, you take a deep breathe or release a sigh of relief knowing that you and your family are safe. 

A home is an asset! It is not only a safe investment financially, but it is an investment in the well-being of your family. Compare any asset that you own, which one provides you with the most benefit during tough times?

Our site offices may be closed, but we are still operating online! Are you interested in purchasing a home? Click here to view properties for sale. We also offer finance options to help you step onto the homeownership ladder.

Not a car, as we are sure your lovely BMW/Mercedes is gathering dust. Not that shiny Rolex watch that you can’t show off to anyone because of social distancing. A home provides you with the most benefit.

As you may have known, masks act as a preventitative measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus. Local designers have really proved that wearing a mask not only provides protection, but it can be a fashion statement too! Below is a list of these local designers:

Mzansi Masks Face Masks

Mzansi Masks creates colourful masks with beautiful patterns. You are sure to find a mask that will suit any outfit you have!

N'waMburhi Accessories face masks

N’waMburhi Accessories creates custom made accessories. They have have started creating beautiful masks, some floral designs, stripes, and plain. There is a mask that will suit your style.

Zana face mask

Zana is a mother-daughter team. They help create modest plain black or blue masks. These masks use ties that goes round the head rather than behind the ears.

Danielle Frylinck Face Masks

Danielle Frylinck creates masks that includes designs such as geometric patterns to floral designs. The love to create clothing that has stories behind them all.

Ballo Masks

Ballo is a company that actively tries to reuse waste, create employement and are environmentally friendly. For every mask you buy from Ballo, they donate one to those in need.

These tough times will pass. We believe if there is any country on earth that has the ability to bounce back, it is South Africa. Support your local small businesses.

Stay at home and continue the practice preventative measures during the lockdown.

For more informations about cloth masks, please click here. For more information about the Covid-19 virus and measures that you can take to prevent the spread, please click here.