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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy In Midrand!

Here is why you should buy in Midrand!

When purchasing any type of property, location is definitely high on the list of priorities for a buyer or an investor. The location helps indicate the levels of security, job opportunities, distance from work, attractions, distance from amenities, etc. That’s why location means everything! Here is our list of the top 10 reasons why you should buy in Midrand!

People having a business meeting

1.) Business Growth

Business is booming in Midrand! Over the past years we have seen PWC erect their beautiful tower which illuminates during the night. Other massive corporates like Deloitte have also opened up in Midrand. Thousands and Thousands of jobs have been created in Midrand. This keeps on attracting more businesses to open up.

2.) Property Growth

More and more developments have started construction in Midrand. Developments that attract all sides of the market, especially first time buyers and investors. As more developments start getting created, the better the infrastructure which as we know, increases property value in the area!

Handing over keys to a house
Mall of Africa

3.) Mall of Africa

Mall of Africa is the largest single phase shopping mall in the whole of Africa! Mall of Africa has large spacious pathways, large outdoor areas which cater for markets and other events. This mall is a hub for people to come and chill with family and friends as there are plenty of activities one can do at this mall. Click here for more information about Mall of Africa.

4.) Restaurants

Like many South Africans, we enjoy food. From easy fast food joints to up market lavish restaurants. Midrand is no exception! Midrand has a massive list of exciting restaurants catering to all different types of cuisines. Your stomach alone will thank you for moving to Midrand. For a list of restaurants to visit, click here.

Empty Modern Restaurant
Young woman at a market

5.) Markets

If you like strolling around with an ice-cream cone, browsing through what the locals have to offer, then Midrand has you covered! More and more markets are appearing in Midrand such as the Midrand Urban Market or the Waterfall Market.

6.) Tours

Looking to take the family out on an adventure? Why not take them on the Mapatiza Underground Gemstone Mine Tours. These tours are a fun activity that you can do with the family. These tours shows you how colourful it can be underground!

Friends on a city tour
Colourful bird on a branch

7.) Sanctuary and Nurseries

Maybe you prefer to stay above ground and chill in the sunlight? Don’t worry, Midrand has plenty to offer. You can visit the Beaulieu Bird Sanctuary or Ludwig’s Roses Egoli for a fun time with the family while you enjoy everything nature has to offer.

8.) Gautrain

As you know, our government is constantly trying to improve our infrastructure and did so when they introduced the Gautrain. Lucky for Midrand, there is a Gautrain station. Thus, you will have easy access and will be able to travel conveniently to other major cities like Sandton.

Nizamiye Turkish Masjid

9.) Historical Sites

Are you looking to explore some of historical sites located in Midrand or just want to explore some of the many diverse cultures in South Africa? Nizamiye Turkish Masjid is a beautiful building is still a functioning mosque with guided tours. This is a great place to embrace a new cultural experience.

10.) Kyalami Race Track

For the car enthusiasts, you probably know about the Kyalami Race Track. This is a state of the art race track has in the recent years been revamped and has hosted large car events, which is great for family entertainment.

Kyalami Race Track

There are plenty of reasons why you should move to Midrand. All you need now is to find the right home! Look no further than Summerset Village! We offer freestanding homes with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Click here for more information.

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