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Rent to Buy and Chartwell Home Loans

Are you looking for Rent to Buy options in Gauteng?

Chartwell offers the Chartwell Rent to Buy home loan on our Chartwell Developments.

Chartwell has a strong history of disruptive innovation in the home loan space. As such we are proud to offer this home loan product to our Customers.

Chartwell Rent-to-Buy Home Loans


Rent to Buy, who is a typical Chartwell Customer?

The typical Rent to Buy customer has a good history of managing their financial affairs and a GOOD CREDIT RECORD but falls short on affordability. The Rent to Buy product offers clients the opportunity to step into home ownership.

Some of our customers may qualify for a home loan but they are hesitant to make a long term commitment and enter into a home loan agreement today. However, they would like to secure an option to buy a home while renting.

Our customers have, for whatever reason, not yet established an acceptable credit record, but they meet affordability requirements. For example, customers whose incomes are predominantly commission based, or entrepreneurs. During the three year lease period you can build up a credit history with Chartwell.

Other customers would like a larger home than they can currently afford.


How it works:


  • Your initial rent is approximately 10% lower than the home loan option.
  • The initial rent increases on an annual basis over the three-year period.
  • After 3 years of renting you may purchase the house at the INITIAL Rent to Buy price.
  • Your home loan is at a FIXED interest rate, with a term of 22 years.


Three Steps to Home Ownership


  1. You enter into a 3 year lease agreement.
  2. During the final 6 months you may exercise the option to buy house. The house price is fixed at the initial Rent to Buy price of the house (date at which the lease agreement was completed). At this point customers are subject to a final credit review and should remain in good credit standing.
  3. Chartwell home loan of 22 years. Monthly repayments are fixed for the whole period.




  • Rent to Buy still requires a full credit check. This home loan is for clients that fall short of affordability.
  • Customers who do not yet have an established track record of stable employment can apply. Rent to Buy helps you to establish a credit record.
  • Applicants without a South African ID but a South African Work Permit may apply on the Chartwell Rent to Buy option.


Looking to Apply with Chartwell?

Are you interested in purchasing a home with Chartwell? We offer homes in secure developments in Midrand, Boksburg, Centurion and Akasia.

Our friendly sales team will be able to assist you with any question about Chartwell Home Loans and our developments available for sale.

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